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5 major things which make Samsung better than Apple

Samsung has been always rival of Apple. In the world of technology, these 2 always compete with each other to become number one. However, there are many smartphone companies, all are marching behind these two. But Chinese Smartphone company Gionee, HTC, etc also are in the top 5 list of most pleased smartphone companies, which are trying to overcome Apple and Samsung. But apple and Samsung still is putting themselves safe in the top position. Now, Apple is in the first position, whereas Samsung is in 2nd position. Nevertheless, Samsung can be the better than Apple because of its some flexible features.

1. Cost: Indeed, cost plays vital role in every surface and places. Likewise, Cost is one major thing which make Samsung better than Apple. Samsung price is far lower than Apple, however, there are also expensive smartphones of Samsung. Samsung has different models of smartphones regarding the level of customers. It provides its different classes of smartphones in affordable price by ca…

Add widgets above the header of blogger

Often, default blogger templates do not give permission to add widget just above the header file. You can have questions why I am say this and why it is important to blogger ? In fact, bloggers often do blogging for making money, that is why s/he may be using either CPC accounts like adsense, infolinks, chitika etc or affiliate networks like,, It means making money by blogging can be the one most priority of bloggers; and a blogger who uses blogger for blogging, s/he has to apply various technique to increase money. Usually, bloggers use adsense for making money, that is why, they may want to put adsense ads just above the header of the blog and site. If s/he wants to add any ads or any documents or file just above the header of blogger blog, s/he must enable widget section of header. Now I am giving you step by step process of header gadget enabling process in blogger template.

How to add gadget/widget just above the header of blogger ?
Step 01:

How to delete a blogger blog ?

Many times, I got people irritated because of not getting their blogger blog deleting option. In many forums and blogs comment, blogger have often asked about of deleting their blogger blogs. But you do not have to be worry about it because blogger blog can be deleted through your own blogger dashboard. There is an option of deleting the blogger blog. By the way, in first time when I was using blogger blogs, I was also not getting the options but I read the blogger dashboard properly and went to all the functions of blogger, then I got to know about this option. Here I am giving you step by step process of deleting of your blogger blog.

Step 01: Just enter your gmail and its password and login to the Blogger dashboard.
Step 02: Now just go to the blogger setting option>>other
Step 03: Then, you will be at the right place where you can see delete option of blogger.

Step 04: Click on delete blog. There will come out a pop up window which assures you that the blog
is going to be dele…

How I Started Money Making Through Blogging

I started blogging since 2013. But my one year of blogging went lost because I was not blogging regularly and properly. After sometimes, I lost my job and then I decided to making money at least 100 dollars per month through online or blogging. Then I daily gave 1 - 2 hours to my blog. When I posted nearly 40 to 50 articles, then I applied for adsense account. But my blog got rejected. After that I followed the instruction and terms and conditions of google adsense and then applied again. Meanwhile I got an adsense account. However, I was not able to make money through my blog, because I did not have enough visitors. Nearly after 2 months when my blog had nearly 60 - 70 good articles, my blog started getting good enough viewers in my blog. I found nearly 5000 to 8000 visitors into my blog, which made about 3 dollars per day. But then I decided that I have to give 4-5 hours per day to my blog and I got started working properly. You can not believe what then happened ? The visitors int…

How to Add Blogger Gadget Section in Blogger Template

Blogger is not as friendly as wordpress. You can get lots of plugins and themes for wordpress, but you can not get many plugins for blogger. However, blogger has its own dignity in some particular areas. Actually, you can customize your blogger template as well, so as to make user friendly and good looking template. But you ought to have some knowledge about blogger coding. You do not need to know core coding of blogger.

As if you are using default template provided by blogger. There you can get several widget adding section. But if you want widget or gadget adding section in different part where you want, then you must know <section> tag of blogger.

Adding of Blogger Widget/Gadget Section in Blogger Template I am giving you step by step process here. Just follow the given instruct, so as to get response from this code.

Step 01: Just login and get into the dashboard of your blogger.
Step 02: Find out the position or place where you want to add new gadget. Then right there, plac…

Top Effective Dofollow Forums List to Post Articles

Who do not want more visitors in their website ? Website is actually to engage more visitors and clients into their business. Therefore, website is made for increasing of visitors. However, it is not easy to bring many visitors into a site. In order to bring visitors, you have to do SEO for your site. Either you have technology site, travel and tour site, ecommerce sites or any other, your site goes only popular on those targeted visitors if you do SEO. I have already told about SEO in many of my articles. But here I have just listed top 10 best do follow article posting forums which can redirect thousands of visitors into your site.

Forum post definitely helps to increase not only visitors into your blog or site, but also helps to increase your google page rank and alexa page rank. In fact, if you use purchase backlinks for your sites, that can not become effective to your sites because Google just filters the backlinks whether it has been purchased or not/genuine. Genuine backlinks…