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How to check SLC result 2072

From this year onward, it is said that SLC will not be held. And Nepal Government has brought new system in grading system. There will also not exist any percentage grading system. Instead of it, letter grading system. However, if a student can not have at least D+ grade, s/he will not be permitted to admit in 11 class.
Methods of checking SLC resultMethod 1: Using Mobile Phone
Step 01: Type SLC and press space, then write your symbol number. Step 02: Now, now send to 35001.
This method decreases 5 rupees balance.
Method 2: Using Official Website of The Controller of ExaminationsHere are the number of websites that you can use to check your SLC results.
Recent posts

DV Lottery Result Releases in May 3

This is an information to those who have filled up the DV Lottery form for 2017; Now DV lottery's result is going to be published. In order to find the result, you should go to the official page of DV Lottery. Do not become fool visiting any other sites. You should just visit

But you just need Confirmation number to see the result. If you do not have confirmation number, then you are directly rejected.

MIDMAC TERMAC QATAR CO WLL, QATAR requires workers for various positions - Apply Now !

MIDMAC TERMAC QATAR CO WLL needs workers for various category and posts. The posts of workers which are needed are given below. Those who have minimum capability can submit their documents to get visa to work in this company.

Worker's category and needed member numbers:

Helper: 25 Persons (Each will get 25,607 Nepali Rupees/Month)
Operator: 15 Persons (Each will get 54,061 Nepali Rupees/Month)
Laborer: 25 Persons (Each will get 25607 Nepali Rupees/Month)
Heavy Driver GCC: 5 persons (Each will get 62,597 Nepali Rupees/Month)
Light Driver GCC: 5 persons (Each gets 48,370 Nepali Rupees/Month)

For more information about this advertisement, you can contact to the concerned authority company, which has been given in the above picture.

Note: Before processing visa on any consultancy or manpower, find more information about those consultancies and manpower companies, because they may be fraud and can deceive you. 

Source: paperEkantipur (25/04/2016)

Job Opportunity for Nepalese in Royale Hayat Hospital, Kuwait

Focus Nepal Overseas advertise vacancy announcement of Royale Hayat Hospital of Kuwait. According to the advertisement, it has announced 13 posts vacancy.

Focus Nepal Overseas also announces finale interview date of this vacancy. The final interview will be in Baishakh 15 in Kathmandu and Itahari.

Source: ekantipur(epaper)

Job Opportunity in Elite Middle East Heavy Industry, Doha, Qatar

Qatar Elite Middle East Heavy Industry, Doha Qatar has announced vacancy on 3 posts - Labour, Heavy Vehicle Driver and Driver. As stated in the above paper, they need 15 Labor, 18 Heavy Vehicle Driver and 12 Driver. They only want those people who have minimum requirements in that particular field. Monthly salary will be approximately RS 30.8 thousand for labor, 70 thousand for Heavy Vehicle Driver and 56 thousand for Driver.

Zoom the above pic to see about the vacancy clearly. You can get phone number of the agency also in that pic.

Source: ekantipur (epaper)

Dish Home Launches New Discount Offer - Bajai Rakhaun Taali 3000 Chhut Feri Yaspali

Dish Home Nepal has brought its new discount offer scheme titled "Bajai Rakhaun Taali 3000 Chhut Feri Yaspali" for the new users. It is stated that a dish home HD connection with dish home box only costs 2,999 rupees, which is only for a certain period of time. However, if you want to connect it in out of the discount scheme date, it actually costs 5,999 rupees. Offer was applied from Baishakh 2.

Digital TV has been being mandatory in Nepal since the cable TV is making the cities and even villages worse. It is also making pollution in the cities. Digital TV needs no wire since it is wireless. It only occupied small portion of area of a room.

You get the money as you get the call - NCELL

As you get the call, you get the money. And off course, this is the new scheme of NCELL. Ncell has recently launched this scheme targeting to their foreign clients. When a client from country gets call of foreign country like Malaysia, Qatar, UAE etc, then he get paid by the Ncell which is added as the bonus in his/her mobile.

This offer will be applicable from Baishakh 5. According to the Ncell, it has been associated with Malaysian Telecom Axiata Group. So they offer this scheme to their users. When a caller talks with his/her friends of these countries, s/he gets 15 rupees per 5 minutes. However, such bonus will be valid up to 24 hours only.