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Social Media (Facebook) and Wikipedia bring quality visitors into a site

Visitors, audiences or clients, they all must be dragged, otherwise they can be redirected. SEO is the best policy to bring or get visitors into a site and a blog. But there are some other ways that can bring visitors into your site if you deeply involve on it. I am not going to talk about seo deeply but it is also a seo which is easy to do.

Wikipedia: I think you all may know about wikipedia which is best known as the largest encyclopedia of the world. You can find everything there, but you must know how to get them. Wikipedia is the product of you and me. I mean internet users have made wikipedia as the best encyclopedia. 
You can write article into wikipedia and post there with related links and sources which are used as proof of that article is true. Making a link in wikipedia is better than making link in any dofollow sites. While posting into wikipedia, your article must be hundred percent plagiarism free. And you can not post if that article is already listed into wikipedia. Th…