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Showing posts from April 10, 2016

You get the money as you get the call - NCELL

As you get the call, you get the money. And off course, this is the new scheme of NCELL. Ncell has recently launched this scheme targeting to their foreign clients. When a client from country gets call of foreign country like Malaysia, Qatar, UAE etc, then he get paid by the Ncell which is added as the bonus in his/her mobile.

This offer will be applicable from Baishakh 5. According to the Ncell, it has been associated with Malaysian Telecom Axiata Group. So they offer this scheme to their users. When a caller talks with his/her friends of these countries, s/he gets 15 rupees per 5 minutes. However, such bonus will be valid up to 24 hours only.

Get Information of Governmental Bids in a Website

Hi Friends, if you are a Nepalese and you are bidder or like broker, this may be useful to you and i.e about a website "" which updates all kind of Nepali Governmental Bids.

Now you can see any kind of bids into a website. This was inaugurated by Nepali Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli. All Governmental expenses are informed publicly by this site. It can transparent the activities of Government and increase trust of People on Government.

Challenges of Future of Television

Advanced Technology and growing level of information and technology is being great challenge for future of TV (Television) and Radios. As social media like Youtube and Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter are growing rapidly in the technology world, it is slightly removing other information mediums. In earlier, there used to be big TV, DVD, VCR etc. People used to use them if they wanted to watch the movies and hear the musics. But now the time has changed; you use smartphones for everything either for calling, or for playing any music and video as long as live streaming of your favorite sports (Football, Cricket, Hockey etc). Therefore, today's world is known as smart world. In earlier, people had to wait long time and arrive in actual time to watch a special program in TV. But now, you can save those programs which you like most and watch later when you become free from your works. So that, TVs and Radio have been being considered as less important for entertainment rapidly.

In fact, th…