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Types of Operating System - BIT

Operating System can be broadly divided into different types according to their processing nature. From the provenance of operating system, it has been playing essential role in Computer System. Here are therefore listed some common operating system that are commonly used in computer system:-

What are the different types of Operating System ?Multi-tasking or Time Sharing Multi-tasking Operating System is a type of operating system that can run multiple tasks or programs at the same time. It also enables to share time which allows users to use a system simultaneously. In fact, time sharing means sharing of processor time among the users. Processor shares its time among multiple users that enables users to read/write at the same time. 
It responses fast and reduces the operating time of CPU. Batch Processing In first, batch Processing Operating System does not acquire online processing. It means users do not have direct connection with computer. As users make their job prepared into a b…

What is an Operating System ? Write its basic functions.

Operating System is like a mediator which is used to link up computer and users hardware with each other. Indeed, it is used to create an environment in order to comply computer programs efficiently.

Technically, it is called a software which drives hardware. It controls and executes processor, memory, and other peripheral devices of the computer system.

7 typical functions of Operating System are as listed in given below:

Management ProcessorManagement of MemoryManagement of Peripheral DeviceMangement of Files and FoldersUse to Detect ErrorUse to Control Performance of SystemUse to Secure System There are also some other functionalities of operating system. Such as accounting, helper between users and software etc. But above seven are common and basic functions of daily used operating systems such as windows os, unix os, linux os, android os etc.

The Highest Capacity Smartphone Made in China

World's highest capacity smartphone launched in the market which is developed by Chinese smartphone company Warni. The best feature of this smartphone is the highest capacity operating system. It has used 6 GB RAM. The size of screen of this smartphone is of 5 inches. You will get 128 internal memory in this smartphone. The latest android operating system has been used in this smartphone. Moreover, it has 21 megapixel capacity back camera and 8 megapixel front camera to capture selfie. It supports Bluetooth connectivity, LTE connectivity, WiFi Connectivity, and GPS too. It will soon be available in Chinese market. Price of this smartphone has not been announced yet.