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Flyer Design Tips For Travel and Tour Agency

I may not be able as perfect to design flyers as professional flyer designers do. But I never give others to design a flyer if my company needs. Because I myself design simply applying basic rules or steps. So that I also never suggest other to hire professionals for such works. Recently, I have designed a flyers for a company where I work as a part time SEO consultant and website manager.

Lets look a sample of my flyers:-

If you wan a flyer design as above sample pages of a flyer, you just have to consider simple and easy things before starting. Here are a simple considerations about flyer design:-
You should have a general knowledge about using of Photoshop or Microsoft word etc.Generally, flyer is of 4 pages.Before the starting designing process, assemble all the necessary components like text/content to describe about your attractions or trips along with images.Now determine which content to place in a particular page.Just identify the colors that suits your business. Such as I hav…