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Restore Deleted Files of Netbeans

Hi Guys, As usual, I am here to provide you a tip, and this is only for Java Developers who are using Netbeans for java code. An off course, as it is also written in title and that is retrieving and restoring of Java files written in NetBeans. Sometimes, you might delete your java files from Netbeans accidently, then what to do ? If you can not retrieve and restore it back, then all your efforts fail and lose. Then you might have to write again which is so difficult. In fact, you can lose your project since you write code spending lots of time and you again have to write that code again spending number of days. But, do not worry, Netbeans also has provided files restoring and retrieving feature in it. That is why, you do not lose your project files written on Java using Netbeans. Okay, lets go to the step by step process of retrieving and restoring of java files:- 
How to Recover My Deleted Project of Netbeans?
Step 01: Find out which files you have lost and deleted and want to retriev…

How to Display Delete Confirmation Dialog Box in Windows 8 and Later Version

I am always sharing my experience with you guys. And giving continuity to that behavior, I am here with another experience to share. May be you guys are using windows 8, 8.1 or above. When you install one of these operating system, I am sure, you people got a clumsy and unfamiliar behavior of OS and ie not showing of confirmation dialog box when you goes to delete a file or folder of hard disk. I feel this is so indigestible to me because sometime, I may accidentally click delete button. This can cause lose my important files and folders. So I immediately changes it to show the confirmation dialog box. If you guys do not know how to make dialog box showing while deleting the file, just follow the below steps:-

Just go to the desktop of your PC where you will get recycle bin folderNow just click the recycle bin, then you should click home link of the top left corner. Here you will see number of functions. But you have to go to the properties. So that click on properties icon/link Now ju…