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Windows Displays Black Screen Only After Windows Logo - Solved

Finally, I felt relaxed as I got the solution of a problem, and the problem is that PC/Laptop is not working, it is just displaying black screen after windows logo when I turn on my computer. I have been finally been able to fix this problem. Before fixing this problem, I was so worried, if my computer is crashed. Actually, there may be several problem causes such situation; most often display adapter problem causes black screening problem.

I was updating drivers in windows 8.1 using a third party driver pack, I could not get what happened; my laptop automatically goes to restart mode. It was restarting; meanwhile, it shows updating software which is near to finish, but suddenly my laptop again restarted and it just displayed blank black screen after windows logo. I tried every possible solution for it, it didn't work. I restarted my laptop several times but it was not working. Finally, I decided to open my laptop using Safe Mode, then I got to know the problem.

When I tried ope…