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Why to avoid Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom is the Nepal Government's Internet Service provider. It provides Internet, Telephone, Mobile services etc but you know it all these services which it provides are awful. Nepal Telecom provides ADSL service which is the slowest and one of the unpleasant service. It has never offered good service to the people, however, it is a company ruled by Nepal Government.

eg: I uses ADSL internet service. Usually it does not work, then I call to the office, but they occasionally pick up the phone. And I start thinking, sometimes they can be busy. Again I start after 5 minutes, the phone becomes busy, why ? Because they put the phone on hold. They go to have lunch and spend 2 hours and more. Is this good system or not ?
Tell me one thing guys. Is not there a single responsibility of Nepal Telecom Manager, CEO or whoever staffs ?

Once, my adsl internet did not work for 15 days. In fact, I got my internet not working in the morning. we did not find the solution of it all day. My r…