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5 major things which make Samsung better than Apple

Samsung has been always rival of Apple. In the world of technology, these 2 always compete with each other to become number one. However, there are many smartphone companies, all are marching behind these two. But Chinese Smartphone company Gionee, HTC, etc also are in the top 5 list of most pleased smartphone companies, which are trying to overcome Apple and Samsung. But apple and Samsung still is putting themselves safe in the top position. Now, Apple is in the first position, whereas Samsung is in 2nd position. Nevertheless, Samsung can be the better than Apple because of its some flexible features.

1. Cost: Indeed, cost plays vital role in every surface and places. Likewise, Cost is one major thing which make Samsung better than Apple. Samsung price is far lower than Apple, however, there are also expensive smartphones of Samsung. Samsung has different models of smartphones regarding the level of customers. It provides its different classes of smartphones in affordable price by ca…

Add widgets above the header of blogger

Often, default blogger templates do not give permission to add widget just above the header file. You can have questions why I am say this and why it is important to blogger ? In fact, bloggers often do blogging for making money, that is why s/he may be using either CPC accounts like adsense, infolinks, chitika etc or affiliate networks like,, It means making money by blogging can be the one most priority of bloggers; and a blogger who uses blogger for blogging, s/he has to apply various technique to increase money. Usually, bloggers use adsense for making money, that is why, they may want to put adsense ads just above the header of the blog and site. If s/he wants to add any ads or any documents or file just above the header of blogger blog, s/he must enable widget section of header. Now I am giving you step by step process of header gadget enabling process in blogger template.

How to add gadget/widget just above the header of blogger ?
Step 01:

How to delete a blogger blog ?

Many times, I got people irritated because of not getting their blogger blog deleting option. In many forums and blogs comment, blogger have often asked about of deleting their blogger blogs. But you do not have to be worry about it because blogger blog can be deleted through your own blogger dashboard. There is an option of deleting the blogger blog. By the way, in first time when I was using blogger blogs, I was also not getting the options but I read the blogger dashboard properly and went to all the functions of blogger, then I got to know about this option. Here I am giving you step by step process of deleting of your blogger blog.

Step 01: Just enter your gmail and its password and login to the Blogger dashboard.
Step 02: Now just go to the blogger setting option>>other
Step 03: Then, you will be at the right place where you can see delete option of blogger.

Step 04: Click on delete blog. There will come out a pop up window which assures you that the blog
is going to be dele…

How I Started Money Making Through Blogging

I started blogging since 2013. But my one year of blogging went lost because I was not blogging regularly and properly. After sometimes, I lost my job and then I decided to making money at least 100 dollars per month through online or blogging. Then I daily gave 1 - 2 hours to my blog. When I posted nearly 40 to 50 articles, then I applied for adsense account. But my blog got rejected. After that I followed the instruction and terms and conditions of google adsense and then applied again. Meanwhile I got an adsense account. However, I was not able to make money through my blog, because I did not have enough visitors. Nearly after 2 months when my blog had nearly 60 - 70 good articles, my blog started getting good enough viewers in my blog. I found nearly 5000 to 8000 visitors into my blog, which made about 3 dollars per day. But then I decided that I have to give 4-5 hours per day to my blog and I got started working properly. You can not believe what then happened ? The visitors int…

How to Add Blogger Gadget Section in Blogger Template

Blogger is not as friendly as wordpress. You can get lots of plugins and themes for wordpress, but you can not get many plugins for blogger. However, blogger has its own dignity in some particular areas. Actually, you can customize your blogger template as well, so as to make user friendly and good looking template. But you ought to have some knowledge about blogger coding. You do not need to know core coding of blogger.

As if you are using default template provided by blogger. There you can get several widget adding section. But if you want widget or gadget adding section in different part where you want, then you must know <section> tag of blogger.

Adding of Blogger Widget/Gadget Section in Blogger Template I am giving you step by step process here. Just follow the given instruct, so as to get response from this code.

Step 01: Just login and get into the dashboard of your blogger.
Step 02: Find out the position or place where you want to add new gadget. Then right there, plac…

Top Effective Dofollow Forums List to Post Articles

Who do not want more visitors in their website ? Website is actually to engage more visitors and clients into their business. Therefore, website is made for increasing of visitors. However, it is not easy to bring many visitors into a site. In order to bring visitors, you have to do SEO for your site. Either you have technology site, travel and tour site, ecommerce sites or any other, your site goes only popular on those targeted visitors if you do SEO. I have already told about SEO in many of my articles. But here I have just listed top 10 best do follow article posting forums which can redirect thousands of visitors into your site.

Forum post definitely helps to increase not only visitors into your blog or site, but also helps to increase your google page rank and alexa page rank. In fact, if you use purchase backlinks for your sites, that can not become effective to your sites because Google just filters the backlinks whether it has been purchased or not/genuine. Genuine backlinks…

Top 10 Do Follow Travel Blogs For 2016

What is SEO ? Why does it need ? How to optimize your site ? For how long optimization will be effective ? What is do follow article posting site ? How to get do follow travel and tours article posting sites ?

SEO is nothing, it is a process of increasing visitors into your site either by using white hat seo or black hat seo. Basically, it is needed to increase more visitors into a site. SEO is a gradual process. SEO is needed in your every articles and pages. Generally, Search Engine Optimizer has to build the links and mostly do follow links that will be most important for your sites. But, in the name of do follow links, optimizer should not build links in non related sites. Such as, using of do follow travel blogs for technology blogs may not be the good and effective for your sites. If you want travel blogs which have good google page rank and alexa rank to build do follow links for your site, then see the links below.

List of top do follow blogs handled by true travel lovers:

Why to avoid Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom is the Nepal Government's Internet Service provider. It provides Internet, Telephone, Mobile services etc but you know it all these services which it provides are awful. Nepal Telecom provides ADSL service which is the slowest and one of the unpleasant service. It has never offered good service to the people, however, it is a company ruled by Nepal Government.

eg: I uses ADSL internet service. Usually it does not work, then I call to the office, but they occasionally pick up the phone. And I start thinking, sometimes they can be busy. Again I start after 5 minutes, the phone becomes busy, why ? Because they put the phone on hold. They go to have lunch and spend 2 hours and more. Is this good system or not ?
Tell me one thing guys. Is not there a single responsibility of Nepal Telecom Manager, CEO or whoever staffs ?

Once, my adsl internet did not work for 15 days. In fact, I got my internet not working in the morning. we did not find the solution of it all day. My r…

Iphone 6S and Iphone 6S Plus now available in Nepal - Price

The latest version of Iphone has been launched in Nepal. After android phones, Iphone is also one of the most sold smartphone in Nepal. Authorized reseller of apple - Generation Next Communication has launched it on last Friday to sell.

Generation Next Communication wanted to launch it before Dashain but India's blockade in Nepal, caused it so late. According to the company, all the smartphone's of Apple has 1 year's warranty.

There are different 3 capacities of Iphone 6 and 6 plus available in Nepali market.

Iphone 6S Price in Nepal:-
Rs 90,050 (16 GB RAM)
Rs 1,08,550 (64 GB RAM)
Rs 1,20,550 (128 GB RAM) 
Iphone 6S plus Price in Nepal:-
Rs 1,08,050 (16 GB RAM)
Rs 1,22,550 (64 GB RAM)
Rs 1,33,550 (128 GB RAM) 
This Iphone has smooth screen with smooth touch capability.

Social Media (Facebook) and Wikipedia bring quality visitors into a site

Visitors, audiences or clients, they all must be dragged, otherwise they can be redirected. SEO is the best policy to bring or get visitors into a site and a blog. But there are some other ways that can bring visitors into your site if you deeply involve on it. I am not going to talk about seo deeply but it is also a seo which is easy to do.

Wikipedia: I think you all may know about wikipedia which is best known as the largest encyclopedia of the world. You can find everything there, but you must know how to get them. Wikipedia is the product of you and me. I mean internet users have made wikipedia as the best encyclopedia. 
You can write article into wikipedia and post there with related links and sources which are used as proof of that article is true. Making a link in wikipedia is better than making link in any dofollow sites. While posting into wikipedia, your article must be hundred percent plagiarism free. And you can not post if that article is already listed into wikipedia. Th…

Acer Launched Two Smartphones in India - Acer Liquid Z630S and Acer Liquid Z530

Acer is Taiwani gadgets company, has released its new smartphones liquid Z530 and Z630S in India which cost only 6999 rupees and 10999 rupees Indian Currency continuously. Mostly, Acer company produces Laptop but it is also wanting to spread its specification in versatile gadgets production. These two gadgets will be put in ecommerce site flipcart to sell from this Thursday. Acer Liquid Z530 has 5 inches HD screens as well as 2GB RAM and 1.3Ghz processor. It has its internal memory of 16GB capacity which seems awesome in such a small price, and memory capacity can be boosted upto 32 GB putting external memory. Its front and back both cameras have capacity of 8 megapixels.

Similarly, Acer liquid Z630S has 3GB RAM along with also 8X8 megapixels front and back cameras having 16GB internal memory.

Lets hope, these smartphones will be launched in Nepal soon by Acer in affordable prices.

Hide and Show Blogger Widgets in Specific Pages of Blogger

Blogger widgets are shown all of the pages of blogger blog in default when you add widgets in your blogger. But this may cause bad looks of your blogs. If you want a smart blog which has all the features not repeating more than once, you should learn to show or hide blogger widget in particular pages that you want to.

You can apply a conditional tag which helps you to show or hide any widget in specific pages. Basically, bloggers try this method to make their design looks better and they also apply this method to make blogger design adsense friendly. If you are adsenser, you must know adsense allows 3 ads placement in a page. So that if you put 3 ads through widget then it will be seen in all the pages as same. However, you can apply show hide widget that help you to place adsense ads in different style in different pages.

Particularly, there are 4 styles pages in blogger and they are post page, home page, archive or label pages and static page. Therefor, you can apply this hide and …

Java Code Simple Login Form

It is easy to create Simple Login Form using java. You need basic knowledge about Java Programming to create a simple/basic login form. Obviously, login form has only two field one is username and another is password field. Here I have given a bunch of code of simple login form with explanation of each line.

In the begining, you see package kistcollege ie build automatically when you create new project but you must give name of project kistcollege.

Now after first line, you can see number of imported files.

import java.awt.BorderLayout;
import javax.swing.JButton;
import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JLabel;
import javax.swing.JPanel;
import javax.swing.JTextField;
import javax.swing.UIManager;
All these above imported files directs the its special classes. When we declared objects like JFrame, JPanel, JLabel etc, all these must be imported which are contained in the Java.Swing package.

SampleGui is a class in which we create a simple login form.

In the SampleGui class we de…

Add Megamenu on Blogger Template

As you people already know, blogger is not as friendly as wordpress. Blogger template can not be customize as you want whereas unlike blogger, wordpress is far better in the case of customization. But you guys do not worry we will always there for you about to solve the difficulties of blogger. Now here we got some messages about mega menu of blogger. So we have provided this code. By using this code, you can make megamenu for your blogger template. Obviously, after adding megamenu, your blogger template looks professional. This mega menu will be shown according to your label and label posts. Mega menu is quite more important for magazine blogger and news blogger due to its large amount of posts content. These sites post 10 more posts per day. So all posts are equal important for each readers.

How To Add Mega Menu on Blogger Blogger Lets begin the step by step process to complete our mega menu making task. In order to start blogger dashboard, you first have to download the codes which…

How to Flash Samsung Mobile Using Odin

Android operating system is an open source package, so it has to be updated, so as to take latest and updated features of new system. In the first, android system is developed by Google team and often its version is updated by google and now marshmallow is its latest version.

Android OS mostly popular among smartphone users. Samsung is now most seller android smartphone. Every year, billions of Samsung Smartphone are being sold. When new version of android system releases, Samsung immediately releases it for its users. It means, samsung user can update latest android version freely using Samsung account.

Alright, here we are going to give you a tips on your own risk which is used to flash or root your Samsung Smartphone Galaxy Y GT-5360 within 20 - 30 minutes.


Often this process does not harm your mobile phone if you have clearly noted all the process.This will formats all the call logs, messages, notes and packages containing inside the internal memory. USB debugging mode must …

How to block unwanted users in adsl router - NTC

If you people are very much tired from hackers who illegally use your adsl internet wifi, now you can remove them manually and they even can not connect with your internet through wifi. To remove them from your adsl network, you must use machine access control ie mac address filter. Obviously, when you filter each mac address which directly connect with your adsl wifi, those can no get your wifi access.

Now to filter, those device, you have to find the mac address of those devices. Okay, lets find out the mac address of those device which are directly connecting with your adsl wifi.First of all, lets login to your adsl router. In default, the router ip address is So type this ip in the url bar of browser and click enter button of the keyboard. Now, there comes a login box where you must enter username and password of your router. In default, the username and password of routers are admin and admin. Both username and password are admin. So type admin in the username and al…

Site specific code hinting of Codeigniter Framework - Dreamweaver

Hey, Dreamweaver users, I think you have noticed auto generated tags or site specific hints code either that are html, css or javascript. But do you have noticed any codeigniter hinting codes in dreamweaver when you are coding using codeigniter. Many programmers do not find codeigniter hint functions or methods while they code using codeigniter framework in dreamweaver. But there is also the facility of code hinting of third party framework of php in dreamweaver. In order to generate code hints, you have to do some changes or apply the following process.

Step 01: If you are using frameworks like codeigniter, now you go and manage you site first. To do so, you go to the tool bar's tool>> manage site >> new site and choose a site name and local folder of codeigniter.

Step 02: After that you again go to site>>site specific hints to synchronize the methods and variable of codeigniter.

Step 03: Now you makes new structure and point codeigniter folder which is called sub…

"ar_orderby" Codeigniter Property Deprecated in Version 3

The latest version of the PHP framework Codeigniter version 3 was released 2 on 27 July, 2015. It upgraded its many features like security and authentication. But one thing that you should know some methods or functions or properties of previous version has also been excluded from the Version 3. Today, I am here for you to inform about a deprecated property of codeigniter and that is 'ar_orderby'.

Instead of  'ar_orderby', I found there another 'qb_orderby' property. May be 'ar_orderby' has been changed into 'qb_orderby'. But when Iuse 'qb_orderby', it did not work and there comes a fatal error ie system displays "can not access protected property". Yet, I have not found its solution.

Actually, there is a solution of deprecated property 'ar_orderby'. We often would use this property like following:-
if (!count($this->db->ar_orderby)) {
} Now instead of the above co…

How to Find Your Facebook Profile Visitors

Actually, daily millions of people use Facebook. Some use it for their professional job, some use for personal use and some people use it for entertainment purpose only. But some hackers or some people misuse it. It is said that daily thousands of people are being spied. So facebook users must change their facebook password time-to-time. And they have to block those person who are spying them.

Here I have a tips to know about the visitors or detectives of facebook profile. Now follow my given process to get know about the facebook profile visitors.

Who Visited My Facebook Profile ?In the first, you just login your facebook and go to your facebook profile.Now, wait until your facebook profile completely loaded. Then click right button of your mouse and click on view page source. There obviously appears a page of source code of your facebook profile. Click CTRL + F keys of your keyboard and type "InitialChatFriendsList" to find the id of list of people who comes to your faceb…

Gionee Elife E8 - High Mega Pixel Camera - Available in Nepal

Chinese smartphone company Gionee has been extending all over the world. It is expected that soon it will chase the market of Samsung and any other android smartphones. It has brought its new model Gionee Elife E8 in Nepal by its authorized distributors of Nepal, which has 24 mega pixel backend camera, so that it is also called that it is made for shooting. So it is thought to be the highest quality camera among world of smartphones. Its front camera has 8 megapixel power. It has 6 inches display screen.

Gionee Elife E8 also has flash light in its backend.
Processor Capacity - 2.64 GHZ
RAM Capacity - 3GB
Internal Memory Capacity - 64 GB
OS - 5.1 Lollypop Android
SIM System - Dual SIMPrice: 42 Thousand in India

In Tamrakar Complex of Kathmandu, Nepal, its new show room has been opened by Miss Nepal Evana Manandhar. You can get all latest Gionee models in this show rooms.

Why Gionee Elife E8

For High Quality Photo-shotFor High Storage CapacityFor  High Quality SelfieFor Fast Sensor System

Make Featured Article Hidden Jquery Code For Blogger

Hi guys, today lets add some awesome jquery code that hides some text or banner or content of blogger that helps you to add some pop up links or banner into your blogger blog. And you can also remove it. Like, may be you have already seen some site which has its banner when you open them and you or visitors can manually hide them. Indeed, that feature makes possible easy by jquery. But in blogger, you can not directly apply that code, some template or old blogger template do not support, you have to parse it using html parser. Here is the parsed jquery to hide text or content of your site.

Step 01: In first, add HTML code

<div id='top' style='background:black; color:white; padding:5px 0px; text-align:center;'>Featured Article For Visitors<a href='' style='font-weight:bold; color:white;' target='new'> Download This Template Now For Free </a>
<span id=…

Add Latest Facebook Page Plugin in Blogger

You want to promote your web business in the Facebook? Daily millions people access Facebook, so getting visitors through facebook can be a good idea of promoting website. So using various facebook plugins, you can freely engage visitors. Like many FB plugins, Facebook Like Box can bring hundreds and thousands of visitors in a single click ie when some people like your facebook page, that will be promoted and many other visitors who is related previous like will see your facebook page. But Facebook Like Box plugin has been deprecated and that has been replaced by Facebook page plugin. This plugin seems like twitter widget plugin. Using this plugin, your latest post can be see in your site.

In fact, the beginner blogger must include some social plugins to engage visitors because beginner blogs do not have more visitors, so they also do not have good page rank.
How to add Facebook Page Plugin ?Step 01: Go to dashboard >> template >> edit html and remove the code of facebook…

Auto Scrolling Marquee Recent Posts Headlines Bar For Blogger

Suppose you are blogging about technology blogs, news articles etc, then it is good to use headlines notification bar that may catch your visitors attraction towards your post. Visitors need not to scroll page to get new story title, because it will appears automatically in the specified bar as headlines. 
There are some awesome merits of using headlines bar or auto scrolling marquee bar in your blogger. First of all, visitors easily get on your recent posts. They do not have to scroll your page to get posts of recent days. And visitors can visit your site for long time, because there is most chance of clicking headlines bar by visitors.

Please go through the given steps to add this marquee headlines bar on your blog.

You can see demo here

Step 01: Add ajax Google api and a javascript embedded code into just between <head> and </head>. 

<script src=''/><script src='…

Blogger Template Installation Process

Actually, if you want to install custom template in your blogger template, you have to understand some basic knowledge about blogger and its working process and first thing is to download xml template. In fact, blogger template is made up of using html and xml. If any xml errors occur in the template, that can not be installed. So you have to be careful and check template out whether the template is broken or not. But once you try out the blogger template install into your blogger, you can see whether the template is broken or not. Now follow the following steps to install your blogger custom template into your blogger.

Step 01: Login to blogger and go to template and click on the back up / restore button just right side of the screen.

Step 02: Now, here comes a pop up box, by which you can upload your template.

Now, you can check your template going to browser.

Free Blue Template - All Blog Solution

View Demo

Free Download
Description: Blue Template (All Blog Solution) is one color template that is blue color which has only 2 columns. This template has one right column and one footer having 3 columns and it has 2 navbars. But this template is not responsive template, it is only a mobile friendly template.

Best for technology and general blogs

Downloading and Installing Blue Template (All Blog Solution)

Template Creator: Rakshara

Compatible: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox
Features and Limitation of Blue Template - All Blog SolutionThis is mobile supported template.Its loading is faster in any browser.Blue Template is also SEO friendly template.Google ads ready TemplateMost browser compatible templateIts layout is quite shinny.

Show Blogger Widget/Gadget Only in Homepage

Generally, the default blogger template displays all its widget in all pages in default like in this blog. But some widgets do not need to show in all pages like related posts and contact widget. Related posts should not be in homepage because homepage has several posts, so how we can display related posts all to them. Likewise contact widget do not need to display in all pages. By the way, some widget only seems good in homepage only.

In this article, we are going to explain how to display widget only in home page. As you add any blogger widget into your blogger template, that displays into all pages but if you want them to show only in home page, you just need to add the following codes; to do so, you must read the below steps:

The first step before putting the given code into your blogger template, you should keep back up of your blogger template that makes your template safe if your apply wrong steps or code into your template.

Step 01: Login to blogger>>template>>edit…